Advanced Dry Cleaners is a family own business in Woodland Hills that was established in 1980. It was designed to make your dry cleaning experience as effective and reliable as possible. With 30 years of experience we have gained the knowledge to provide the best cleaning services available to handle your most elaborate requests. We have trusted only the best cleaners in the dry cleaning industry to handle your clothes. We professionally dry-clean designer brand names such as ESCADA, ST. JOHNS, PRADA & GUCCI and promise to return your garments in better condition than when you brought them to us! But we don’t stop there; we also do more than just dry clean your clothes, our professional’s also clean household goods such as rugs, pillows, and upholstery as well as accessories like handbags, shoes, and even nursing gear! We love new customers, so come on in and make Advance Dry Cleaning your new trusted place for your most precious items!        RECYCLE image 101 - 50

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